Fresh off of celebrating their 100th year anniversary, ARRI is poised to go another 100 years as one the globe's most storied & respected film equipment suppliers as they continue to innovate.

ARRI's most recent innovation, just showcased at IAB is ORBITER. This is light changes everything. It can be a leko light, a softbox, a fresnel. It can be ethernet linked to other lights and controlled by wireless DMX. It utilizes their new six-color SPECTRA light engine and a supercharged processor among several other new & improved features.

Available Spring 2020.


SkyPanel fixtures are compact, ultra-bright, top-qaulity soft lights. Over a decade of R & D of LED technology has culminated in a new industry standard.





The L-Series

The SkyPanel


Extremely versatile LED Fresnels with full Color Temperature, tinit, and hue control from 2800K to 10000K between full plus/minus green and RGBW colors. Each model is a available in a stand mount version, hanging, or pole-operated version. High-brightness with low overall power consumption make these lights true workhorses.

Already running some great ARRI lights and just need some accessories for them? We've got you.

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