Modular Design

Modularity is at the core of Digital Sputnik's philosophy. They like to think about light modules as if they were LEGO bricks.

A relatively small number of them will give you unparalleled versatility. It allows the possibility of connecting light modules to build any desired shape of fixture.

Combine 3 DS1s (DS3) for more options

Combine 6 or more DS1s (DS6) for even more options

The DS1

The Digital Sputnik DS1 Modular LED Light is a super luminous continuous light that offers complete control over output. It features 0-100% flicker-free dimming, passive and active cooling for maximum efficiency, a temperature range of 1,500-10,000K with +/- green tint control, and full RGB and primary color rendering.

Control all of this via the OLED screen or with the smartphone app and the unit's built-in WiFi. This light comes with an AC power adapter but it also comes with a V-mount battery plate for running off of 12-36V DC batteries. Measuring only 4 x 4"  this is an extremely portable system and ideal for creative videography and photography.

...but Digital Sputnik isn't just about their DS-line...

            Check out the NEW Voyager tubes

The Voyager combines a light source, battery and remote controller into one system. Any number of Voyagers are easy to set up and control with the help of a phone, tablet or computer. Voyagers' software platform is continually growing with a selection of video streaming and Pixel mapping features.


It come in two sizes: 2ft with 42 individually controlled RGBW pixels 

                                   4ft, with 83 of pixels

...then you make amazing happen by controlling every aspect of your tubes with the NEW DS Voyager Controller app.

Whether you're using DS-kits or Voyagers Digital Sputnik makes tons of great accessories to help get the shots you need...and we'll get them to you.

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Sales of refurbished/previous rental stock equipment are limited to stock on hand and pricing is subject to change without notice. Therefore, offer to sell is not finalized until a confirmation quote is processed by a Wavelength Lighting representative and payment has been made