RGB and multi-color LED strip lights allow for full control over color. With three or more LEDs on each node, users can seamlessly blend colors to achieve the perfect hue. Use your imagination and choose your desired color to set the mood.

Mix RGB with the addition of a 4th, 5th or 6th color to create bolder and more vibrant colors. Like RGBA, RGBAW, and RGBATW. These limitless color options are perfectly suited for the creative challenges of scenic, stage and retail environments.

Tunable white LED strip can be seamlessly adjusted to any color temperature between warm white (2,400K) and daylight white (6,500K).


You can even set your lighting to shift color temperatures throughout the day. Altering the color temperature of white lighting has much larger implications than simply changing the visual aesthetics of a space. Cooler hues have been shown to promote alertness and productivity, while warmer tones help induce relaxation. Many people use tunable white lighting in retail environments to see how different products look in a variety of lighting scenarios.

White LED lighting is one of the most commonly used products that we sell. Its versatility and wide range of color temperatures make it a reliable customer favorite. Whether you are lighting retail displays, TV studios, casinos, bars, restaurants or trade show exhibits, white LED strip will be sure to delight your visitors.

From warm tones to pure white light, we offer Environmental Lighting LED strips in CCTs across the spectrum.

Comes in: 2400K






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