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Fos4 Family of Fixtures

Intuitive UI      

Color Control
Wireless Control

FULL COLOR - The Lustr X8 system sets a new standard in LED lighting quality. Reaching further into the depths of the visual spectrum, fos/4 delivers unprecedented color rendition. The control over the patent pending mix of green, lime, blue, indigo, cyan, amber, red and deep red LEDs creates the most visually
stunning colors available in a studio fixture.

Irideon WLZ

Irideon fixtures are available in a wide variety of color temperatures ranging from 2700 K to 5000 K, and three mounting variations; DataTrack, portable with c-clamp, and canopy.

ETCnomad Puck

The ETCnomad Puck lighting controller is a full-featured mini-computer with an embedded ETCnomad lighting control key capable of running Eos and Element applications. It provides lighting control with conventional and moving lights, media servers and LED luminaires. The ETCnomad Puck lighting controller can be used in primary, backup, client and offline environments.

Gio@5 Console

You'll be stunned by how easy - and fast - moving-light control can be. And you don't have to sacrifice what you need for conventional control to get it.

Eos Ti Console

Ti's revolutionary referenced marking function takes the agony out of presetting lights. What you need most quickly is immediately available, and all supporting information (discrete timing, absolute data, source of current data) is found fast and easily. Necessary features aren't buried under layers - what you need is right within reach.

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