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Fiilex LED


The P360S is a compact 90W LED with tunable CCT, magenta/green adjustment, and flicker-free dimming down to 0%. This water-resistant fixture is extremely portable, weighing less than 2lbs, and is available in travel-friendly three-light kits. For users looking to get the most out of the P360S, Fiilex offers a wide array of accessories, including fresnel and diffuser attachments as well as softboxes. D-Tap cables allow the lights to be connected to battery power (12-30V).

P360S Features Specifications:  2800-6500K tunable CCT / Magenta/green adjustment /  Dims to 0% with no flicker or color shift / High CRI at any light setting / Various light modifying accessories available / Accepts 12-30V battery power with D-Tap cable accessory / Weather-resistant (IP-24)

P3 Color & Color Pro Bundle

The P3 COLOR is a compact 90W LED that emits a full range of rich color illumination as well as high-quality CCT-balanced white light. Fiilex’s extensive per-fixture calibration ensures complete color accuracy at all
settings and intensities. The P3’s extremely small Dense Matrix LED source couples well with light shaping modifiers. The barn door (included) cuts output cleanly with sharp shadows and no split color fringing, the 20° Fresnel narrows output for significantly increased brightness, and the Dome Diffuser softens and widens the P3s throw. Softbox and speed ring accessories are also available. With its IP-X5 water-resistant housing and a weight of less than 2 lbs, the P3 is extremely portable, and it can run on broadcast batteries with it’s D-Tap cable accessories.

P3 Color Features:  High-CRI white light output (2000-10000K) / Additional 8 and 16 bit color modes: HSI, Effects, CCTRGBW, Gels, CIExy, etc. / Dims to 0% with no flicker or color shift / Calibrated for accurate output at any color / intensity setting / IP-X5 Rating (water-resistant) / Light intensifying / diffusing accessories included / Easy PSU / battery mounting on yoke / Removable yoke for versatile rigging

Matrix Color

The Matrix Color is a 320W LED fixture that combines high-fidelity soft-source illumination with a focusable, fresnel-like forward punch. This optical versatility is made possible by Fiilex’s custom Dense Matrix LED technology, which also features smooth dimming to 0%, no flicker, and very high CRI. Two snap-on fresnel accessories are available that narrow the light’s standard 100° spread down to 30° or 18°. The Matrix Color features various color control modes, including CCT, HSI, Pixelation, CIExy, and Effects. All modes support 8 and 16 bit DMX and are calibrated to match other Fiilex Color luminaires.

Features: High quality white light in standard CCT mode / Additional color control modes (RGBW, HSI, gel presets, effects, PXL4, CCT + RGBW, etc.) / Extremely durable with ruggedized exterior / Dims to 0% without flicker or color shift / Water resistant (IP-X5) / Supports 48V battery power via XLR-3 port / Accessories for multiple lighting styles (barndoors, fresnels, softboxes) / Flicker Free at any frame rate / IP-X5 Rating (Water-Resistant) / Supports 8 and 16 bit DMX control Matrix RGBW

Accessories:  FLXMX-FRNL30 - Matrix 30° Fresnel / FLXMX-FRNL18 - Matrix 18° Fresnel / FLXPSU-DCJ6FT-XLRXLR - 6’ XLR3 Jumper Cable / FLXMX-BD4 - Matrix Barndoor / FLXMX-SPRG1 - Matrix Speed Ring / FLXQ8-OCTA4 - Octa 4 Softbox / FLXQ8-OCTA4-GRID - Octa 4 Soft Grid

Q5 Color LED Fresnel