Hive Lighting Inc. is an American manufacturing company based in downtown Los Angeles. Hive Lighting manufactures high performance, energy efficient LED and Plasma lights for Film, Photo, TV, Digital, Science and Sports. Hive Lighting has grown Omni-Color LED technology into their C-Series product line, developing intuitive control systems, precision optics, and proprietary color arrays to create the most versatile lighting solutions for still and moving images.

BRAND-NEW Featured Product

This tunable LED light mirror that can reproduce any color in high fidelity. Easily adjust color temperature using the manual knob, or use the Hive Perfect S.H.O.T App to recreate any saturated or white light environment. Full spectrum, and wide gamut, it is perfect for double-checking a look in any situation. Equally useful for completing a morning touch-up at home, or to perfecting FX make-up big-budget shoot.



LUMENS: 6,000 Lm
CRI: 90+
LENGTH: 32.25”
WIDTH: 31”
WEIGHT: 50 lbs

Omni-Color Beauty mirror

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Sales of refurbished/previous rental stock equipment are limited to stock on hand and pricing is subject to change without notice. Therefore, offer to sell is not finalized until a confirmation quote is processed by a Wavelength Lighting representative and payment has been made