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Hot Film and Video Lighting Products That Debuted in 2022

Wavelength Lighting - Hot Product Review 2022

What a year! Where did it go? On the heels of the pandemic, it seems like it's all been a blur. Productions ramped back up and industry expos returned to in-person formats. And here we are on the home stretch for the year, charging full steam ahead into 2023. So, there's no time like the present to take a look back at some of the great new film lighting products that made their debut in 2022.



The team at LITEGEAR built up quite a bit of anticipation with their new AURORIS lighting system, which is a full-color, large area, overhead light source. Utilizing their Spectrum technology, the Auroris provides high-quality color rendition and precision control in a package built with 24 large format pixels capable of covering a 100-square-foot-area. And while its profile is large, the system is designed to be easy to rig, with a focus on keeping it light on weight. It's designed to fold up so it can be packed into a 21" x 21" x 32" bag, providing convenient storage and transportability.

The system is scalable, and it's available with a collection of accessories that enhance its flexibility. LITEGEAR released the 10' x 10' system first (AURORIS X), with a 5' x 10' version following later in the year.


We started big, so let's go small, although don't let the size fool you. Astera's Hydra Panel

packs quite a punch, and it does so in a small package that can be connected to

Astera Hydra Panel

other Hydra Panels, creating a larger source to work with. The units are RGBMA and output an impressive 1,300 lumens while running on battery power. They're IP65 rated and feature 6 pixels driven by the full-spectrum Titan LED Engine, with a CCT range on 1,750K to 20,000K. They're also CRMX and wired DMX enabled.

The Hydra Panel's compact size makes it ideal for getting light into tight areas, and it also features multiple mounting options, including a FlexBase with variable angle adjustment and a backside magnet, making it an extremely versatile lighting tool for film and video professionals. It also comes with an array of light modifiers, further expanding the creative control available.


Keeping on the small-fixture theme, although with a different form factor, is Aputure's MT PRO. It's a one-foot mini-LED tube that punches way above its weight class. The MT PRO features

Aputure MT Pro

industry-leading pixel density, utilizing 36 ultra-fine RGBWW pixels which are virtually indistinguishable from each other to the naked eye. This provides the user with an array of smooth pixel chases and effects, opening the door to endless creative possibilities. It also features excellent color fidelity throughout its CCT range of 2,00K to 10,000K. Add in a CRI of 95, TLCI of 98, SSIs of 73 (daylight) and 84 (tungsten), and you can effectively reproduce accurate skin tones on camera.

The MT Pro is extremely versatile and can provide illumination for just about any situation, including functioning as a practical, fill, accent, or on-the-go fixture. It comes complete with built-in neodymium magnets, two 1/4-20 screw mounts, and a mini tripod. It also features professional connectivity, with CRMX, DMX, and Sidus Link capabilities.


We live in a wireless world, which includes entertainment lighting. The convenience of being able to wirelessly control lighting fixtures on set and stage is a huge benefit. In order for that to happen without headaches, you need a dependable way to transmit the control signals, as well as the capability for expansion. Enter Stardust from Lumen Radio. Stardust is capable of

Lumen Radio Stardust

delivering eight DMX/RDM universes and expanding the function of Cognitive-Coexistence with Fleet Alliance, enabling the expansion of your universes. Its enhanced radio design allows for record braking ranges on all eight universes, simultaneously.

Onboard WiFi and Ethernet provide both configuration via web portal and transmission of sACN and Art-Net, while the Bluetooth interface enables configuration via the CRMX Toolbox App. An intuitive color screen on the unit provides access for configuration, using operation profiles to change settings quickly. And there's a backup battery onboard, ensuring the show can go on uninterrupted. W-DMX compatibility is baked-in, with Linking Key, 5ms latency, error correction, and 128-bit encryption at full refresh rate for all eight universes.


Want to elevate your illumination game? The Matthews Air Climber can help you do it. This pneumatic workhorse reaches 25' in height (which Matthews says is 30% beyond its competition), employing a rotating mast that locks from the base, eliminating the need to

Matthews Air Climber

lower the system during transitions. Seven safety locking collars with tension controls are included. And because air is used to climb to the top, it reduces the workload on operators and minimizes concern over injuries on set. The unit is fitted with four large tires and brakes, as well as four leveling jacks with 14" of reach. It also has four stability struts with quick pins that support the 8-section removable mast, which is topped with a junior receiver and guying plate.

The load capacity at maximum height is 200 pounds, with a minimum loading height of 4.5' (at platform level). The collapsed footprint of the Air Climber is 5'x5' and the maximum footprint is 8'x8'. Lastly, the unit tips the scales at 475 pounds.


Technology is ever evolving, and as you read this paragraph, the gadget gurus are already hard at work developing the next wave of cool new products. And remember...Wavelength Lighting is here for you, to answer your questions about the products discussed in the article, as well as all the others we carry. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, or you can drop by the showroom to visit with us in person.

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