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Atlanta's Tara Theater is Returning this Spring!

Tara Atlanta Theater
Photo courtesy of WABE

If you've lived in Atlanta for any significant amount of time, or you're one of the extremely rare Atlanta natives out there, then you're probably familiar with the Tara Theater. Located on Cheshire Bridge Road, the Tara had been a mainstay of the classic theater scene since its opening in 1968. It had been the go-to spot for indie, arthouse, and foreign cinema here in Atlanta, until it was closed in November of 2022. Christopher Escobar, who owns the independent Plaza Theater on Ponce, recently announced that he and other partners had purchased the Tara, with plans to reopen it this Spring. The theater has some interesting history, including being the first venue in Atlanta to show the original Star Wars, and it was also where Burt Reynolds hosted a premiere of Smokey and the Bandit.

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