The 2' Voyager LED fixture from Digital Sputnik is a unique tubular light source with 42 individually controlled pixels. The Voyager has an integrated battery and is submersible to 30' for up to 24 hours. The light has two filter slots, one over the LEDs and one inside the diffusion tube for variable effects and optimal creativity. Digital Sputnik has invested a substantial amount of time developing free Monet LightGrading Software for wireless control of the lights. The software allows for videos to be mapped to the light. The Voyager ships with a 100-240 VAC charger that gives you approximately 2.45 hours run time on a full charge. The light can be used, if needed while charging.

Included items:

- Voyager LED Unit
- Voyager Diffusion Tube
- Charger
- Power Cable
- Stand Mount

Digital Sputnik Voyager Tube - 2 ft.

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