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(1) Fixture
(1) powercon to 20A cable  

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LED Technology
The XC-5 mounts 1,080 high-power RGB LEDs to create a powerful wide-angle strobe effect. This lightweight luminaire delivers a large color palette in a flicker-free operation, and it is possible to produce numerous different flash combinations. The LEDs expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

High-speed feedback
One of the reasons for XC-5 to be a great reference for lighting designers is the very good and fast feedback while using high rates and duration values. Unlike traditional strobes, the XC-5 does not need to decrease the output to minimum levels after an intense use of strobe effects.

DMX modes
The XC-5 can be operated in five different DMX modes. In the 7-channel legacy mode, the XC-5 uses intensity, duration and rate parameters, while an effect macro channel that takes priority over the duration parameter.

Thermal management
To achieve optimum performance of the LEDs at all times, this bright and accurate luminaire is optimized to manage heat impact through SGM’s unique thermal management technology. The technology consists of a uniquely designed body and heat sink, which ensures optimal cooling of the LED chips. Additionally, the special aluminum alloy and surface treatment ensures maximum heat dispersion while the fan-assisted cooling ensures optimal performance at any time and under any conditions (such as variable temperatures, limited airflows, confined installation spaces, etc.).

SGM XC-5 Color LED Strobe

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