Using Ultraviolet light to stop the spread of Coronavirus & other pathogens

-UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) is the process of using a very specific wavelength of light (UV-C) to disinfect the air and surfaces by preventing microorganisms like viruses & bacteria from replicating their DNA or RNA. This stops the reproduction & spread of these pathogens.
-UV-C lights are invisible to the human eye and operate between a wavelength of 200-280nm (nanometers). The effective range for using UV-C light as a form of UVGI is 253nm-254nm.

-This technology isn't new. It's been utilized in hospitals, clinics, and water treatment facilities for decades; and when operated properly it's proven safe and effective.

-Now however, with the reality of Covid-19, UVGI technology & UV-C lights will play a much more prominent role in our everyday lives.
-You'll begin to see UV-C lights utilized everywhere...







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For more information on the Coronavirus, what other things you can do to prevent the spread and reduce the risks, as well as guidelines created by a special task force of studios and union leaders check out these links:
For more information on what we're doing here at Wavelength Lighting to keep our equipment cleaned and disinfected. [Click Here]
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