Flex Drum Softbox

  • Portable quick-collapse softbox

  • Evenly diffuses Flex 1x2 and 1x3 light

  • Premium 1 1/4-stop diffusion fabric

  • Removable black blocks control light direction

  • Simulates 360º natural interior lighting

  • Adjustable built-in mounting strap

Westcott was founded in 1899 and originally made umbrellas. From there Westcott has had a long history of designing innovative, high-end lighting equipment for professional filmmakers and photographers across the globe. They've got lights, backdrops, and accessories like light modifiers & controllers...including, of course, umbrellas. Here are just a few of the items we have in stock:

The Flex Cine

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Sales of refurbished/previous rental stock equipment are limited to stock on hand and pricing is subject to change without notice. Therefore, offer to sell is not finalized until a confirmation quote is processed by a Wavelength Lighting representative and payment has been made