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Wavelength Lighting's second annual CineTech Expo was a great success! Linking our guests with the manufacturers is an opportunity that we are happy to create. We hope that this event was able to provide a space to network, see what's new and upcoming in the entertainment world, and connect you with industry professionals. 

In addition to the exhibitors, we had two special guests from the film lighting industry give a presentation. A huge thanks to Mike Bauman, DP (Licorice Pizza) and Danny Durr, Gaffer (Euphoria), for taking the time to sit down and talk about their strategies and successes with the projects they have worked on.

Congratulations to the winners of the multiple raffles that were conducted throughout the day. Some lucky winners were able to win some high-quality fantastic gear from over two-dozen vendors!

Wavelength Lighting plans on hosting CineTech Expo every year so be sure that you've got this page bookmarked and check back frequently for updates. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and make sure you're following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


CineTech 2023 Vendor Listing.png


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