Astera AX2
LED Lighting
NYX Bulb
Portable Electric VOLTstack
MoonLite by Lumen Radio
Rolling Light Stand
Lighting Stand
LiteMat Spectrum
Cineo Reflex R15
Multiverse Transmitter
Light Panel
Wavelength Lighting
Wavelength Lighting Data Control Box
Film Lighting
Wavelength Dimmer
Film Lighting
Nanlux Lighting
Moving Lights
Film Lighting
Lighting Case
Aputure 600d
Lighting Tubes
Film Lighting
Arri Orbiter
Arri SkyPanel
Astera Lighting
LED Pars

Wavelength Lighting
Film and Event Lighting Rentals and Sales

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Wavelength Lighting offers rentals and sales for a wide range of film and event production lighting applications. Based in Metro Atlanta, we support our clients worldwide.

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Here's some of the brands that we carry...

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  • Film & Motion Picture Lighting

  • TV & Video Production Lighting

  • Event Lighting

  • Consoles, Dimming & Data Control

  • Entertainment Grade Cable

  • Power Distribution

  • Generators

  • Grip Equipment

  • Expendables

  • Picture Cars