"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary."

                                      -Aaron Rose

Here at Wavelength Lighting we understand and cater to all of your lighting and rigging needs. We have been out there with you in the trenches of the motion picture & television industry for over 30 years. Our sales team is very knowledgeable and always happy to assist your production.


We opened our doors in 2014 and have quickly become one of the top LED lighting rental and sales headquarters in the Southeast for several leading light sources. We represent many of the most innovative & sought after product lines such as LiteGear, Quasar Science, Aster, Roscoe DMG Lumiere, Ratpac, and many more. Our vast selection helps us offer multiple options to fit any budget.


From lights, cables, mounting accessories to tow plants & expendables, when your set or location needs equipment, think Wavelength Lighting. We can also make custom pieces to your exact specifications or repair some items you may already own.

We offer ROS, weekly, or even daily rentals, or even daily rentals as well as purchases.

Feel free to stop by our interactive showroom that features all of the lighting technology that is on the rise and all the classic staples with an onsite professional team to answer any questions you may have.

Check out some of our Brand-New, Featured & Upcoming equipment!

Turn Special into Extraordinary

Our expertise doesn’t stop at the film & television. Our equipment & prices are prime for special events like weddings, concerts & conventions. Graduate, retire, or simply celebrate in spectacular style by adding a few choice fixtures to your parties.

Life is Better with LEDs

At work, church, or at home we’ve got lighting solutions for you as well. Retrofitting or replacing your fluorescent & incandescent lights with LEDs is more cost effective, safer for the environment, and less harmful to our vision. 

Limited Time



Wavelength Lighting

Open House - June 15th

The Accent B7c bulb


Available 9/29

The Accent B7c is an RGBWW color mixing LED bulb, and is the first product in Aputure’s new Accent line of practical LED fixtures. It utilizes a mere 7W LED output to create a 50W household tungsten bulb equivalent. 

Top Features

• Built-in Lithium-polymer Battery (70+ min. @ Max)

• Fully Tunable CCT from 2,000K to 10,000K •

Average CRI 95+, TLCI 96+

• SSI (Tungsten): 85, SSI (D55): 74

• RGB Color Tunability with HSI

• Step-less Dimming from 0-100% with No Color Shift

• Sidus Link App Compatible, Firmware Upgradeable

• Wireless Bluetooth Control up to 80m

• Two Power Supply Modes: Standard/AC Mode, Battery/DC Mode • Passively-cooled Aluminum-alloy Heatsink

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Sales of refurbished/previous rental stock equipment are limited to stock on hand and pricing is subject to change without notice. Therefore, offer to sell is not finalized until a confirmation quote is processed by a Wavelength Lighting representative and payment has been made